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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Always Traveling Business Woman in Your Life

More and more jobs are requiring their employees to travel as a part of their duties because expenses are cheaper to travel than hire another counterpart. Although travel is becoming more and more accessible, it is still an inconvenience and can often be quite stressful. Between spending time away from your family, not really knowing the city you’re in, and working in different offices regularly, it wears you down. If you have a special lady in your life that is always on the go, here are some gift suggestions to help save her time and lower her anxiety when it comes to business travel.

New Carryon Luggage and Garment Bag

We always recommend that traveling business people keep a carry on and formal garment bag packed and ready to go at all times. This could be for last minute emergencies or simply to save time when the time comes, regardless it’s a good idea. Go out and buy her a nice, durable carry on that is big enough for her essentials, but not too big for her to manage. Also, look for a matching garment bag for her more delicate formal wear. Explain the purpose of it and try to get her to devote it purely to business travel. If she can keep it packed with clean clothes at all times, it’ll surely save her a few headaches down the line.

TSA Approved Toiletries

With the airport security and TSA restrictions ever tightening, it’s a good idea to check their website and see what is and isn’t allowed. Once you know the regulations, get her something sturdy and big enough for everything she needs. Go to Sephora and get some travel size bottles of her favorite products. This will save her headaches and a lot of time going through airport lines.

Tablet and Gift Card for E-Books or Small Laptop

Just about every traveling business person likes to unwind and relax with a book or a movie. Get your special lady a new e-reader and some gift cards to get her started. Once she finishes a book she can keep it to read again, or delete it to make space for something new. For the movie lovers, there are some incredibly affordable and compact computers they can use only for watching TV shows or movies while traveling, they can keep it in their travel “go bag”.

New Shoulder bag or Briefcase

Just about every big airline allows a carry on bag and a personal item. This includes shoulder bags and briefcases. Since she’s a business woman, chances are high she’ll need somewhere to put her business stuff. Find a nice sized bag that can hold her computer, charger, documents, and any other business related equipment she may have. If you want to take it to the next level, order her some more business cards or other personal promotion tools and stock the inside. Then she’ll be ready to go on the drop of a dime.

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